Wiltons Music Hall

Workshops with schools


As part of an ongoing consultancy, in partnership between Wiltons & Georges Green School, we produced a 3-day workshop that coached 16 young people aged 12-18 through a workshop, highlighting stages of production and opening them up to further carer opportunities and prospects as they begin to make the impactful study choices that define their futures.


We delivered the project in 2 distinct stages. The first, saw us on site at Georges Green, focusing an entire school day on mentoring the selected pupils through a theory based lesson on the production industry, its many avenues and its overall history. 


Day 2 saw us hire in a team of experienced and equally enthusiastic film crew to aid us with the job of executing a shoot day. Steadicam Op, Gaffer, DOP & the many other departments came together to further mentor, advise, educate and collaborate with the buzzing young minds. The children played both on and off camera roles, with the opportunity to get a taster of each camera deprtmant, its demands and its prospects. Turns out 12 year olds can pull great focus!

The schedule allowed for us to spend dedicated time coaching the kids through their ideas, breaking down each stage of production into a task based learning process, from treatment to a fully crewed shoot day.


Many thanks to the parents, children and the staff at Georges Green & Wiltons Music Hall.



"The Asylum 33 team were brilliant to work with. They were engaging and professional when working with the young people and they would often go the extra mile in terms of making sure they had a the best possible experience. The project did bring with it many logistical challenges in terms of timings, location availability and working with a large secondary school but the Asylum 33 team were very accommodating and were flexible enough to work around those with me.

The project was a great success and it received fantastic feedback from pupils and teachers alike. I would recommend them to other arts education charities and venues for similar projects!"

David Graham, Learning & Participation Manager, Wilton Music Hall